Product Conceptualization:

LARA TEKIES Product Conceptualization Services helps our customers in retaining market leadership. The Key to each innovation lies in the results it can bring about and how big an impact it can have on the bottom-line margins. We understand what exactly our customers look for, We know that identifying our customer needs is not exactly what we think the customer needs or what the customer think they need, and also not exactly what we could make out or which technologies our development team could make use of. Every company has to validate the solution idea before delivering it while considering changing market needs, At LARA TEKIES our project management team initially analyzes the customer's need and set required specifications. By identifying involved risks we figure out risk reduction plans, and choose technologies based on lowered risk, lower budget, high security, compatibility on multiple platforms. Our Technology experts are quick in evaluating a competitor’s product by identifying the strong and weak points; we identify key technologies available to overcome such challenges. As a global software company we address evolving market needs through innovation and thus sustain growth and competition.

Our Conceptualization services:

  • Market and Product Research
  • Innovation in making the product Ideal
  • Impact and Assessment
  • Analyze Competition
  • User Interface Prototyping
  • Proof-of-concept for Technology

Product Realization

The concept of product realization covers all phases like ideas, design, architecture and production; most customers rely on efficient service providers to face the challenges while operating the whole process. At LARA TEKIES we are capable in producing products of superior quality with new features at lower cost and lower risk we understand the changing demands in the current industry and utilizing our resources we help developers introduce innovative product features and deliver valued product to end users

Apart from Product development, Testing, delivery and integration our product realization services keenly focus on Product planning, Design, selection of suitable platform considering adaptability strategies and security.

Our Knowledge bases:

  • Java/J2EE
  • WebLogic/WebSphere Development & Administration
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Web Services (Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX)
  • Remedy
  • Oracle Administration
  • SQL Server Administration
  • Oracle (PL/SQL)/SQL Server (T-SQL) Development
  • Oracle Applications
  • SAP (Various Modules)
  • Data Warehousing
  • SAS/ Business Intelligence
  • Mainframes
  • Mobile Technologies (iPhone Apps, Android)

Quality Management:

Quality Management is necessary in today’s world to avoid unwanted challenges and also to overcome losses from Costs, authorization issues, loss of clients and loss of market share, Hence there is a necessity to test and maintain the quality of products before delivering it to customers. Product testing has been an integral part of the product development life cycle, starting from the requirement phase to the implementation phase. The complete Product Testing Life Cycle includes a carefully worked out test plan for each phase of testing as well as release planning.

Understanding the need of Quality management LARA TEKIES offers Quality assurance consulting service assuring highest level of product quality and security levels. With our efficient QA teams we have gained the confidence of our customers lowering risks and with minimal operating costs our Testing services assist customers in testing needs throughout the product development process.

Our Testing services include Unit testing & system testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Functional Testing, Performance (stress, load, stability, memory leak, bottle-neck, benchmark etc.) testing, User interface and usability testing, Installation and Configuration testing, Security testing, Products integration testing, Regression testing

Product Maintenance & Support

Product maintenance always helps in advancing towards newer versions, improvised usability accessibility and security grounds. We understand that company's growth always depends upon long term maintenance and service of the product. At LARA TEKIES our dedicated Support staff is always ready to respond over customer issues delivering right solutions to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Maintenance Services include:
    • 24/7 Technical Assistance
    • Supplement customers internal support staff
    • Providing after-hours support or select-hours support
    • Support through offshore software development center
    • Providing client site-based project management
  • Application Support Services:
    • Development of maintenance plans and procedures
    • Coordination with customers for rectifying discovered technical problems
    • Problem Verification
    • Troubleshooting and continuing maintenance support
    • Implementing product modifications which makes it usable in changing environment
    • Improvising the performance and maintainability
    • Preventive measures to detect latent faults
  • Migration Support and Services:

    Our Product migrations support services provides end-users with solutions across multiple platforms, we consider it as challenge in product development despite of knowing the efforts and time consumption in product migration.

    Making use distributed of agile methodologies we ease our customer’s burden to overcome such challenges. We focus special concern in providing our clients with details in the migration process and provide continuous updates throughout the migration.

    We offer Migration services in the area of:

    • Operating System migration
    • Application server migration
    • Migration from legacy to .NET / Java applications in a cost effective fashion
    • Proprietary architecture to open standards-based architecture
    • Database migration
    • Programming language migration
    • Integration of newer applications within existing systems
    • Streamlined workflow and improvised business processes resulting in higher operational efficiencies.

    Product Enhancement:

    In Today’s business world customers always tend towards products with advanced features basing on their changing business needs. Our Product enhancement services offer adding new features and dimensions to the existing products or repositioning of the product. Foreseeing the IT advancements and considering customer needs we take calculated steps and forward to the product advancement utilizing open source platforms and agile methodologies.

    Our Product Enhancement Services

    • Usability engineering
    • Extending product design and scope for cross-platform integration
    • Integrating the product in web and smart devices
    • Minor enhancement through new features
    • Performance optimization