Application Maintenance:

Application Maintenance is not an easy service for any company, it requires lot of technology and expertise, it is a time consuming process as well as expensive, It requires a dedicated team of professionals with deep expertise in technology and understanding of customers business line. At LARA TEKIES we undertake Application Maintenance services after carrying out a detailed study of the enterprise domain, technology and process, we benefit customers by giving priority to technology, architecture, consumers and services. Our dedicated teams involve in the daily IT activities like maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing and assessment of the application for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Through our Application Maintenance Services we deliver solutions to customer requirements adding value to their business efforts.

Our Application Maintenance Services:

  • Reduction of Maintenance Costs
  • Minimized risks
  • Improvised predictability
  • Advanced knowledge management
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Constant updates over changing industry trends

Application Migration:

LARA TEKIES Application Migration Services help customers to get rid of outdated technologies and help in migrating applications from old systems to newer platforms and architectures. As per the changing business environment it is very much necessary for companies to migrate from old legacy systems to advanced technologies, this lowers the cost of maintenance and increases access to critical data, improvise scalability and reliability. At LARA TEKIES we address issues wherein applications span multiple databases, languages and different systems and offer migration solutions that allow seamless migration of applications from one environment to another We depend on modern platforms & architectures for automated translation of business logics.

Application testing

Majority of software applications fail because of the delay in detecting the defects and bugs, Its is very mandatory that an application must successfully execute all its features before delivering it to customer. Customers expect companies to deliver applications and solutions in lesser time with higher quality. Application Testing deals with testing of entire application, at LARA TEKIES utilizing our high end software testing and test automation services we make sure of enhanced productivity of our applications with reduced costs, reduced time to market and increased delivery confidence. Our test experts continuously strive to leverage their expertise and adaptable processes to ensure that the defects are detected at the earliest stage. Through our committed testing excellence we help customers achieve predictable and improvised applications with top quality levels.

Database Administration & Migration Services:

Database migration over different platforms is always a difficult and time consuming process, LARA TEKIES Database migration services eases customer’s burden in moving databases from one platform to another without compromising on the standards. We carefully analyze the database architecture, plan accordingly and successfully perform the migration of existing data. At LARA TEKIES our DBA experts provide Database administrative Services which improvise the System performance enabling higher efficiencies and lowering operating costs.


  • Efficient Risk Management
  • Scalable Solutions in handling large volumes of data
  • Data Security and Disaster Planning
  • End-to-end Database Administration services
  • Cost effective pricing models