LARA TEKIES is a software solutions and IT consulting company that specializes in Application Development, Software Testing and Technology Consulting to corporations and government institutions. We provide developing projects and supporting clients to assist and develop the systems as per their needs, and provide consulting services to work with business team to develop the solutions from client place as well as from LARA TEKIES office. We provide training, advisory and assurance services. We have made a long-term commitment to become the leading professional consulting firm of choice for our clients and our people.

LARA TEKIES has the competency to provide cost effective services of experienced consultants, in a broad array of technologies. We have the capability to provide organizations with software solutions that correspond to their strategic aim in an efficient cost effective manner.

LARA TEKIES stands apart for its core corporate values - Innovation and Entrepreneurship, focusing on initiating and creating strategic innovative products and solutions in existing market, while inventing new avenues and domains, for the growth of both its clients and itself.

LARA TEKIES provides consulting service and complete software solutions for business clients and the computer industry, we are a staff augmentation firm specializing in staffing for Information Technology projects across the project lifecycle. As a company, we are proud of our reputation for professionalism, integrity and ethical business code. We help customers achieve results by identifying mission critical issues and implementing innovative and customized solutions designed to generate revenue, reduce costs and access the right information at the right time. We know how businesses differ from one another. Client's issues, challenges, market conditions, operations and goals are all subject to unique influences, which we take into consideration. We recruit people with true strength of character and integrity, who genuinely share our values, and we treat every assignment as another step toward building long-term relationships. Our goal is to help leading corporations create and sustain competitive advantage. At the most of all we are proud of being able to deliver what has been promised. As a service orientated organization, we know that our continued success depends on the success of our clients; we are therefore pledged to help you achieve your goals. To act in good faith within the system and to promote the good name and reputation of the organization throughout the business and professional community.